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Product Overview

    A blend Honey and Shea this shampoo is designed to deeply clean your hair and scalp. The Shea will penetrate your scalp, having a rich moisturizing effect that is very gentle and is great for the skin. The natural honey is rich in antioxidants, adding additional moisture and helps produce a light, creamy lather. The colloidal oatmeal brings your skin back into a proper Ph balance. This combination will help make roots stronger and your hair thicker with a healthy shine. Helps with dandruff and Psoriasis and will leave your hair INCREDIBLY soft!

All are wonderfully scented and will aid unwinding after a long day or help prepare you for a long day ahead of you.

What is a solid shampoo bar?

Plastic-free shampoo bars are just like liquid shampoo but concentrated and packed into a bar. Our eco-friendly bars are great for all hair types – from blonde hair, thick hair, damaged hair, dry hair to oily hair.

What does a shampoo bar do?

It leave your hair feeling refreshed, smooth, and shiny without the plastic waste. Our shampoo bars are carefully crafted with the “Dual Batched” process which uses the most nourishing, effective ingredients that really work!

How to use our shampoo bars?

Are you new to solid shampoo bars, trying our shampoo bars for the first time, or just in need of a refresher? Get the best results out of your bars every use! First, thoroughly wet both your hair and the bar. Then, swipe bar directly onto your head, starting at the roots and running down to the ends of your hair. Set the bar away from the water stream and use your hands to create a lot of luscious lather. Rinse and repeat as needed – and enjoy refreshed, healthy-looking hair and scalp.

Are Sugar Mountains bars travel-friendly?

Yes! Now you can bring your hair care with you! Packing your haircare has never been easier – no liquids means no mess.



We Have 8 types of shampoo for you to choose from:

- All Natural - A clean neutral smell with a hint of sweet honey.

- Cherry Almond - The scent of cherries and almond. Most people describe it like a cherry 'slushie'.

-Black Raspberry - A young fun Raspberry scent that is a hit with the younger crowd.

- Orangesicle - A lot of people describe this scent akin to a dreamsicle.

- Lavender - A tried and true classic scent of lavender that is sure to calm you down after a hard day of work. Great for helping young children to settle down for bed.

- Intoxicating #3 - A crisp floral scent that sparkles. Something like a complex, elegant, chic, and powerful woman with unwavering beauty and intelligence. DISCONTINUED While Supplies Last

- American Spirit - A warm honey almond scent that envelops you.

Jasmine Apricot - A sweet floral scent with a fuzzy fruity note, tamed with a dash of vanilla. This soap will evoke memories and emotions.  DISCONTINUED While Supplies Last

Kentucky Bourbon - An extraordinary warm fragrance that envelopes your senses. Boasting a beautiful, sophisticated scent with notes of cherry, bergamot, clove, midnight musk, leather, cedar cask, and of course Bourbon.


     For optimum results please do not allow your handmade soap sit in liquid. Place your bar in an area that will allow water to drain away and air to circulate.

This listing is for ONE soap bar, weighing approximately 6 oz.


Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Colloidal Oatmeal, Honey and Scent.


(13 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Cleans with no scent

    Posted by Holly on May 24th 2024

    Shampoo bar cleans nice without any scent. Easy to lather and rinse. First bar Shampoo I like. Thank you!

  • 5
    Shampoo bar

    Posted by Joy on May 23rd 2024

    Best shampoo bar I have used so far. The lather is very creamy. Love it ! Husband likes it also !

  • 5
    As a nurse we use shampoo bars on patients super easy to wash their hair!

    Posted by Nancy Spears on Feb 9th 2024

    I am a nurse and a patient's family brought in a shampoo bar from Sugar Mountain Trading. I used it on her family member and have never looked back. I love how easy it is to control how much product you are putting on the patient's hair and so easy to rinse off.

  • 5
    I have long hair and love the shampoo bar!

    Posted by Kathy Mcginnis on Feb 9th 2024

    I get asked all the time how do you use a shampoo bar with your long hair........ same as people with short hair does lol. I asked the same question when I first found this product. The owner has long hair and was telling me about the product. I bought my first of many shampoo bars that day and have been so happy with the results. Did I mention they last so long!!

  • 5

    Posted by the bumble on Feb 9th 2024

    I may be big and onry like the bumble but I do not share it's full luscious locks. Mine are fine thin and flat. But since I started using this shampoo I have volume and lift that rivals the bumble from whence I get my nickname. I constantly get comments on how great my hair looks and people want to know my hair care secret. I announce to the world it's this shampoo. What are you waiting for get you some. If you have spent a life time with dull flat lifeless hair you won't regret it once you give this this a try.

  • 5
    This actually works!!!!!!

    Posted by Lisa B. on Feb 9th 2024

    I have baby fine and thin hair. I am literally a nightmare for new hairdressers. I have tried every product, expensive shampoo and conditioner. I literally tried this product because the guy said " what do you have to lose" It actually works for my hair!!! I love the feel, the look and the volume of my hair now!!!!

  • 5
    No more itchy burning scalp!

    Posted by Becki on Feb 9th 2024

    Even the most gentle baby shampoos were irritating my scalp. That doesnt happen w/ this shampoo. My hair isnt oily my dandruff is gone. & ive had less hair breakage. I highly urge every1 2 try it!

  • 5
    Soft and shiny

    Posted by Stephanie M. on Feb 9th 2024

    I tried this bar because I was going to be going on vacation and flying to the beach for a girls trip. I am ordering more bars because it worked so well I am getting one for everyone that was on my trip! They loved it and it is perfect for the gym.

  • 5
    My scalp psoriasis was so bad I dyed my hair blonde!!

    Posted by June K. on Feb 9th 2024

    My scalp psoriasis was so bad I dyed my hair blonde. It is horrible to say but I didn't know what to do until I started using the shampoo from your company!!! Thank you Sugar Mountain Trading!!!